There is a clear perception among educational NGOs that student mentoring must go hand in hand with the material support offered if outcomes are to be successful. At present, five committee members act as mentors. They have been trained by Ria Wills, a specialist consultant in this field. The training is ongoing and is proving to be extremely helpful. The mentor's main job is to encourage and guide the student to take responsibility for his/her studies and life; to help build confidence and to rejoice with their students when they are successful. Most students appreciate the coaching given by their mentors. Some of their comments follow:-

"The constant mentoring that I have received throughout the year has helped me in adapting to student life. There was always someone that understood the pressures of balancing social life and studies in the residence environment."
"With this letter I would sincerely give my appreciation for the support you have given to me and many other students during the past two years. It really helped me a lot due to the fact that I have a single mother who cannot always give what is required for the university and for tuition, fees, etc."
"I realise that I am in a position that others can only dream of and I can tell you that your support is not wasted."
"You did play an important role in my life this year. There are many times that I asked myself how did I come here but I thank the Lord that he sends people like you on my road to give me a hand and the support that I really needed."