2014 Educational visit to Eskom's Palmiet Water Transfer Scheme

On Thursday 16th October Marilyn and Angus Barker with Ann Hill took 23 of our bursary recipients, Mr. Rodney Cupido (Principal) and a representative of the Emil Weder High School Board to the Palmiet Water Transfer Scheme in Grabouw.

The group were welcomed at the Eskom Visitors Centre where an introductory video was shown explaining how the Power Station can generate 16, 5 kV of electricity during peak demand times.

The group were then given time to examine the excellent displays of posters and models which reinforced the information given on the video.

Grades 8 to 11 enjoying the learning experience

Mrs. Ann Hill getting to know our bursary recipients   

Mr. Rodney Cupido and Board Member also enjoying the experience

A short bus drive down the valley led to the power station and after a safety talk the group were taken into the power station

The lower reservoir is seen in the background from which the water is again pumped upto the top resevoir for use the next day.

The stator and rotor chamber where the electricity is generated by the water pressure.

The vastness of the chamber and equipment amazed all present.

The outing not only demonstrated one method of electricity generation it also showed the learners examples of the various career paths available in the field as Eskom is a source of university bursaries. After a delicious chicken and salad lunch the learners and teachers were bussed back to school in time to catch their normal transport home.  The visit was voted very interesting and enjoyable.