Who may apply for first year assistance at university?

Potential students who reside, or are educated at schools, in the Overberg region may apply for assistance. Candidates are selected mainly but not exclusively from our bursary holders at the Emil Weder High School in Genadendal who in turn are pupils from deprived homes but whose academic performance at school is above average. Applications have also been received from pupils at the Overberg High School in Caledon.

How to apply

An application form may be obtained from the Greyton Genadendal Education Fund. It may be requested in writing, by email or telephone during the month of April each year.

What documentation is required?

In addition to the completed application form, the following documents are absolutely essential:-

  • A South African bar-coded identity document (certified copy).
  • Your Grade 11 year end school report and your latest Grade 12 report (certified copy).
  • Documented proof of total family income. If an adult householder is not earning, then an affidavit to that effect must be supplied.
  • A testimonial from a teacher, minister or community leader who is not related to you.
  • Further information regarding these requirements will accompany the application form.

The application process and outcome

The application process requires input from both parties (applicant and Fund representative). An application form will be given only after a preliminary interview in which the applicant can give a clear impression of commitment to the chosen course, can demonstrate that performance in the matric subjects taken are of sufficiently high standard and are appropriate for acceptance into the chosen course. The applicant should also have a reasonably clear idea about which universities offer the chosen course. This is regarded as essential research. If all this information is not available, the Fund Representative will offer guidance on how to obtain it and set a deadline for a second interview by which time the applicant should have made his or her decisions about their future. Thereafter the process should run its normal course.

  • Submission date for completed applications is the end of June. Incomplete entries will have to be rejected as all information requested is considered essential.
  • Applications will be assessed, rated and placed either in a 'to be interviewed' file or rejected.
  • Applicants will be interviewed by a team of three Fund reps during the third school term.
  • Applicants will be rated again and short listed. Their names will be placed in a 'pending' file. Those not on the short list will be informed that their applications were unsuccessful.
  • At year end, applicants will be responsible for submitting to the Fund their provisional university acceptance forms and their official matric results.
  • Final selections will be made by mid January and all candidates will be contacted immediately thereafter.
  • Please note that, due to limited funds, not all short listed applicants will necessarily receive support.

Student responsibilities

Students are required to sign a contract or agreement between themselves and the Greyton Genadendal Education Fund. This document outlines the commitment of the fund to provide financial assistance and a mentoring service to the student who, in turn, agrees to communicate regularly with his/her mentor and provide all information relating to academic progress as required.

It is essential that you apply to as many organisations as possible

Rural Education Access Programme (REAP) offer assistance to financially deprived rural students. Assistance comes in the form of 'top up' funding, an ongoing mentoring programme, a caring and supportive staff and administration of NSFAS loans.
Contact REAP for details: REAP 35 Birdwood Street, Athlone, 7764; Tel: (021) 696-5500.

National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) provides loans for students studying at Universities or FET colleges.
Visit the website for further information. www.nsfas.org.za

The Studie Trust is a national NGO that provides bursaries and other assistance to university students.
Applications may be made online. www.studytrust.org.za

Phambile Trust provides financial and other assistance to rural students who mainly come from Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces.
Contact Achim Nauman for further information. naumann@worldonline.co.za

Overberg Community Trust provides financial assistance to students who reside in the Overberg region.
Application forms are obtained in September and must be submitted by end October. Overberg Community Trust, 22 Church Street, Caledon, 7230; Tel 028 212 2688.