About Students

The Greyton Genadendal Education Fund supports school learners from two schools in the region. Emil Weder High School, located in Genadendal which caters for 650 to 750 learners and the Overberg High School in Caledon which is about the same size but offers a wider range of academic subjects than the former. A very high proportion of the Genadendal inhabitants depend on income from piecework in the agricultural sector and on social grants. Often the head of the household is a single parent or a grandparent. Drug and alcohol abuse pose a serious threat to social stability. Most of the learners selected for assistance manage to perform well at school and are in the top half of their classes academically despite the difficulties the have to confront each day. These are special kids who have ambitions like any others but need some outside assistance to achieve their goals!


The Greyton Genadendal Education Fund identifies between six and ten matric scholars for assistance at university each year. Along with the school staff, scholars are encouraged to research their chosen fields of study and to apply for assistance from a number of funding organisations. Revision classes are also provided in mathematics. Scholars who pass their matric examinations and are accepted for further study by recognised universities receive ‘top up’ funding which supplements their government loans. ‘Our students’ also enjoy our mentoring service which encourages them to manage their lives responsibly and to strike a healthy balance between work and play. Many students find the adjustments to student life stressful at the start but with encouragement and help from their mentors, the majority thrive in their new academic environment. The high pass rate of these young scholars is testimony to their hard work and commitment and they gladly acknowledge the assistance received from their mentors and the Fund.



Just R6 000 (about $700 or £500) would help us support a first year university student rising to R9 000 in their final year of study. Given that the pass rate of our student base is more than double the national average, your investment in our promising youth is an investment in their communities too. Regular small monthly payments by many donors will make a great difference.

Our donors receive regular reports on student performance and we can personalise your donation if you wish. Our constitution demands that all money donated is reserved for student support. The work of the Fund is carried out by volunteers who cover their expenses personally.

We hope to hear from you and if you wish to donate, please click the link below: