The Greyton Genadendal Education Fund provides assistance to rural students from poor communities in the Overberg Region of the Western Cape, to access tertiary education. The Fund also provides students with a mentoring and guidance programme in addition to 'top up' funding. It aims to encourage students to develop self-confidence and assume leadership roles in their communities.


The Greyton Genadendal Education Fund supports about 35 senior school pupils in grades 9 to 12 with payment of their school registration fees and educational outings. Selection is based on low family income and academic performance which should be above class average. Many pupils from this group achieve matric results that enable them to enter tertiary institutions.






Parliamentary acknowledgement from the National Assembly for the work we do click here

The Greyton Genadendal Education Fund is a non-profit and public benefit organisation with tax exemption status. While it provides 'top up' bursaries to students it recognizes that all our supported students are dependent on the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), the State-sponsored student loan scheme.

In the fifteen years of its existence, the Fund has provided secondary school bursaries and scholarships coupled with regular annual educational excursions to a wide range of venues. Our university student support programme started in 2008 and has achieved a 83% success rate as only 3 students have dropped out and 17 students graduated (education, management, radiography, arts, commerce,, human resources, science [human sciences], pharmacy and nursing). In 2015 there are 14 students still studying education, nursing, wine technology, law, arts (media studies),agriculture and social work.